The evening wear in the Rosa Clará Cocktail collection celebrates femininity and elegance, providing stylish outfits for women who want a flawless look for formal events, ceremonies, and celebrations.

Rosa Clará dresses for the occasion

We all know what it's like: you're invited to an event, and you're immediately unsure of what to wear. Unless the organizers set a specific dress code, protocol dictates how you should dress.

So, when are short evening gowns the right choice? The answer is only at daytime events that require a certain formality, perhaps an awards ceremony, a grand opening, a christening, or a First Communion. The key lies in the skirt length: the right choice for a short dress at a formal occasion is always knee length. Long evening gowns are what protocol dictates for evening events or highly formal ceremonial occasions.

There are some exceptions: strictly speaking, maids/matrons of honor should also wear long evening dresses, whatever the wedding's time of day. In practice, long evening dresses are recommended for late afternoon or evening weddings and should be in dark, subdued tones, while short or midi evening gowns should be in brighter colors such as rose, violet, or earthy tones, though never in black or white. Whatever the case, the key is to choose a restrained look without too much brocade, ruffling, beading, or trim and that reflects your personality and, it goes without saying, meets the dress code and protocol for the event. Ideally, the final step would be to accessorize maid/matron of honor gowns with subtle jewelery, heels—making sure not to be taller than the bride—hair adornments, and discreet clutches.

While the bridesmaid dresses worn by the bride's family and close friends will draw a lot of attention, don't forget that the maid/matron of honor look will be one of the day's most admired (after the bride's, of course).

Cocktail dresses can be worn both day and night, provided that it's for a formal occasion. This means that it's vital that the fabrics aren't just glamorous but are also premium quality.

Brand identity

The huge variety of Rosa Clará dresses available means that age, taste, and personal style are no barrier to finding that ideal outfit you're looking for. We create both contemporary and classic looks full of romantic detailing, delicate handcrafted embroidery, and stunning finishes.

Cocktail and evening dresses have a personality all of their own. The style, neckline, and sleeves all say something, and the craftsmanship and balance required to get that combination right really become evident in the final dress pattern. Exclusivity is often achieved with beading, with hand-stitched rhinestones turning jeweled gowns into truly stunning creations replete with dazzling geometric patterns, colorful detailing, and beautiful layering.

Our gowns are available in a wide range of colors. While black evening dresses are a perennial part of our collections—and rightfully so, as the epitome of seductive femininity, alongside explosive red evening dresses—every year, we add bold new tones to timeless classics, as in the case of our range of blue evening gowns, whose palette begins with cobalt, navy blue, and sky blue and runs through to turquoise, which is where our selection of green evening dresses begins. Meanwhile, monochrome outfits create a magnificent look for women who want to make an impression without being overly extravagant. And pastel evening wear is a favorite among younger wearers.

For those of you tired of plain evening gowns, we have a stunning selection of print evening dresses. Floral patterns are perennial favorites and a foolproof choice for spring or summer weddings and events. Slightly more restrained polka dot designs are another timeless classic that will always be a hit.

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