Rosa Clará 2021 Collections

A journey through our inspiration

With its 2021 wedding dress collections, Rosa Clará whisks us away to places across the cities and enclaves of Europe, full of historical and cultural attractions, which are all undeniably beautiful. Dani Clará shares the similarities between the four lines of wedding dresses proposed for 2021 -Rosa Clará Couture, Rosa Clará Boheme, Rosa Clará and Rosa Clará Soft- and the spaces chosen as the backdrops for wedding shoots. Discover it all and be whisked away by the Rosa Clará magic!

Rosa Clará Couture 2021 | Ellie

Rosa Clará Couture 2021 Collection & Mies Van der Rohe

The Mies van der Rohe pavilion, one of the great iconic works of 20th century architecture, was the location chosen to photograph the Rosa Clará Couture 2021 wedding dress collection. The haute couture collection is inspired by modern architecture, featuring designs that embody the "less is more" concept to perfection. Symmetry, timelessness, simplicity and minimalism are some of the basic concepts defining the pavilion and, in turn, echoing the essence that characterizes the Couture line.

Rosa Clará Couture 2021 | Ellie
The Mies van der Rohe pavilion (...) is a deeply iconic building which marked the transition from classic to modern architecture and, in a way, is linked to our story: 25 years ago, my mother introduced fashion to the bridal industry.
Dani Clará

Rosa Clará Boheme 2021 Collection & Casa no Tempo (Portugal)

To reflect the organic, free and laid-back spirit that represents the Rosa Clará 2021 Collections line, we are swept away to Portugal, specifically to the extraordinary space offered by Casa no Tempo. This idyllic location allowed the collection of bridal gowns to shine against a stunning backdrop with complete harmony, inspiring the dreams of every romantic bride. With a privileged location in the heart of nature, it is the ideal rural enclave for dreaming your way down the aisle to the most charming happily ever after!

Rosa Clará Boheme 2021 | Casa no tempo (Portugal)
Rosa Clará Boheme 2021 | Amanda
Rosa Clará Boheme 2021 | Casa no tempo (Portugal)
Rosa Clará 2021 | Timbal

Rosa Clará 2021 Collection & Paris, London, and Barcelona

Rosa Clará 2021 is a collection that offers a renewed air of seduction with a variety of silhouettes and styles: from sensual mermaid dresses to majestic princess silhouettes, not forgetting the always flattering A-line designs. Fittingly, Paris, London, and Barcelona are the featured cities of the campaign; because they ooze a modern and cosmopolitan air just like the looks featured in the collection. The quiet streets of Paris overlooking the Eiffel Tower and the Pont Alexandre III bridge, a beautiful greenhouse on the outskirts of the English capital, and the elegant and attractive city avenues of Barcelona, were the spaces chosen to enamour future brides around the world.

Rosa Clará 2021 | Tirol

Rosa Clará Soft 2021 Collection & Aveiro (Portugal)

Also known as "the Portuguese Venice," Rosa Clará takes us to the picturesque beach of Costa Nova, in Aveiro, to present its Rosa Clará 2021 line. Its unique coloured houses and the wafting breeze highlight the lightweight, ethereal flavour that defines the gowns in this collection: lace bridal dresses with floral details, A-line designs, simple yet seductive wedding gowns with subtle slitted skirts... the designs in the Soft collection invoke thoughts of a ceremony on the shores of the Atlantic!

Rosa Clará Boheme 2021 | Aveiro (Portugal)
Rosa Clará Soft 2021 | Handel
Rosa Clará Boheme 2021 | Aveiro (Portugal)

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